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Hey there! My name is Tanya Rey, and I'm a designer passionate about making beautiful products that also positively impact the world. At T Studio, I approach design from many angles and love pushing the boundaries of what's possible in all kinds of projects. Whether it's product design, spatial design, consulting, or independent experimentation, I thrive on creating new and innovative solutions that break the mold.

Are you looking for the perfect product that looks amazing and eco-friendly? Do you want something made from sustainable materials and incorporating biophilic design principles? Maybe you're curious about the latest digital technologies or artificial intelligence developments. Whatever your vision, I'm here to help.

With my background in Industrial Design and a Master's in Product Design, I have a deep understanding of how to create visually stunning and user-friendly products. So, let's team up and build something extraordinary together - a product that's beautiful, sustainable, and positively impacts the world.

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Let's create.

I love to create new experiences and delight people through ideas and projects that look to the future by taking the hand of feelings —generating products that combine Culture, Technology, and Art. 

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