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Verdant For Humans 

How can digital fabrication enable the integration of natural elements in living spaces?

We spend most of our time inside buildings. In an urban world of technology and industrialization, connection to mother earth is lost. 
“Verdant for Humans” creates a new relationship between nature and the built environment to enable architecture to improve our lifestyles through biophilic design. 

Verdant is a digital platform that allows the architect to create unique green installations. Through the new production technique (3D printing) combines a traditional material (ceramic) with the natural life (moss). 
This project improves the contact with natural elements indoors by creating a new type of coating for the structure and the surfaces.

My project "Verdant" was nominated for the "Master Förderpreis 2020" and is published in:

Year: 01 July, 2020

MA. Thesis for ZHDK, Zurich

Thema: Biophilic Design, Architecture, Digital Manufacturation

Mentors: Martin Meier, Aela Frizzi, Annina Gähwiler,
Susanne Marti, Dr. phil. Francis Müller.

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