"If your brand was your child, would you invest in its future?"

I had the pleasure of working with some pretty great people at some pretty awesome companies. I also spend time working on self-initiated projects.


Product Design 

The creation of a product focuses on iteration-based brainstorming, inventing, planning, designing, prototyping, testing, and refining a product design concept from its inception to a finished market-ready product.

From the first sketch to the final product to make your creation real.


UX Design

It all starts with knowing WHY. All is about the interactions of the user with the company, service design is about the smooth integration of business processes that take place during these interactions. 


Visual Identity

The only thing that matters in a brand is what you feel when interacting with a product, the vital link between your product and the user.

I focus on creating simple, memorable, and enduring brand images that show the biggest strengths of the clients’ businesses. 


Visualizations and Illustrations

A picture paints a thousand words, and a visualization can help you communicate your message easily, without requiring the viewer to read long paragraphs of text.