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AI Between Flowers and Thorns 🌸🌵

Working with AI is like strolling through a garden—full of beautiful blooms but, let's be real, a few thorns too. Keeping up with the daily updates can be tricky; there are so many programs, settings, images, new designers all day, and more... If you miss out, it's like having a tiny thorn in your finger (I can feel it constantly when I discover something new). But here's the magic: once you find your design flow, it's all flowers and sunshine; all we need to do is find our own design flow (if you know it, all is easier). 

As a product designer, embracing AI has been a game-changer. It's not just about keeping up; it's about creating new paths, finding efficiency in the chaos, and, of course, letting those creative flowers bloom (yes, I love flowers). 

Navigating this tech garden, I've learned that the updates aren't just about features; they're about crafting your design symphony. So, let's all dance through the updates, pick out a few thorns, and savour the sweet scent of progress.

Here's to finding your design rhythm and turning every challenge into a petal in your professional bouquet! ✨

Cheers to blooming amidst the thorns! 

PD. I made this image with Midjourney in my own AI Design Flow.

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