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Rosenberg Institute looks to the Future

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

"We believe that the world is changing, so the need for education to evolve is of more importance than ever before. While no one can predict the future, in a world increasingly driven by advances in technology, we must nurture inherently human skills such as creativity, intuition, and interpersonal social skills." - Rosenberg Institute

Yesterday we were presenting the "Verdant Project" and "Yasai" at the Rosenberg Institute, while we talk about education techniques for children to develop their creative side with a focus on creating a better future.

Our experience in this place was inspiring, the teachers and the children share innovative thoughts because that is one of the main objectives. I truly believe that education is one of the main tools that we must "shape" to create our future and in this institute, they take it very seriously.

We were very impressed with the very smart young students at this elite school in the city of St. Gallen. We are looking forward to exploring new creative ideas for Vertical Farming with biophilic design together with the institute of Rosenberg.


Rosenberg Institute




"Rosenberg is a Swiss boarding school providing a state-of-the-art, holistic learning environment for responsible leaders of the 21stcentury. Founded in 1889, the school environment is renowned for its individual approach to education, enabling outstanding academic performance while featuring an unmatched array of Talent & Enrichment courses, all designed to broaden young minds and nurture their creativity." - Rosenberg Institute

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